Who we are, what are our goals…

The Crysalys Foundation was initially established in 2016 by a small group of Northamptonshire business leaders who wanted to make a positive difference for their community. Now the foundation has a diverse Board of directors and a number of high profile patrons working together as change makers for a better future.



The Board




• Caroline Brocklehurst, High Sheriff of Northamptonshire 2017-18

• Bishop Peter Doyle, Bishop of Northampton

• Cllr Andre Gonzalez de Savage

• David Laing LL, Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire

• Prof Nick Petford DL, Vice Chancellor, University of Northampton

• Kelvin Thomas, Chairman, Northampton Town FC



Advisory Panel

• Jane Deamer ILM BA Hons Dip YCD

• Christina Gough

• Yvette Lamb

• Dr Eunice Lumsden, University of Northampton

• Dr Jane Murray, University of Northampton

• Dr Hayley Singlehurst-Mooney

• Ben Thomas

• Morcea Walker DL MBE



Together we will develop

“A new approach to transforming disadvantaged children’s experiences today for all our tomorrows”

We aim to Prevent, Reduce & Treat Childhood Trauma Impacts



Our initial goals are:

Proof of concept

• 2019-2020 Northamptonshire pilot project and evaluation

• 2020-2026 Full scale project


National roll out

• 2025+ Disseminate results and best practice

• 2026+ Catalyst for UK ACEs action


Based on current insights and learning gained we envisage developing and honing a six step ACEs model of excellence:

1. Undertake ACEs led assessments on the whole family

2. Create a clinically led treatment plan

3. Stabilise the adults in the family

4. Undertake the children’s interventions

5. Undertake Family interventions

6. Sustain positive outcomes and impact through continued services


Interventions will be as early as possible, co-produced, responsive and impactful.


The Crysalys Foundation helps deal with childhood trauma in England and Wales

Company No: 11080543.

Registered Charity No. 1189120.

Registered Address: 60 Sutton Street,

Flore, NN7 4LE.

T: 07495 539 611 E: jane@crysalys.org


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